At CWP Collective Press we love poetry.

We are poets ourselves. We aim to help the poets we publish to reach a wider audience. Our books are handmade by our team of tenacious poets. We are a unique publishing experience in that we allow for as much or as little input from the author as desired. When given the reigns to do as we like, some spectacular chapbooks have formed.

In the winter of 2015, we formed like Voltron into a collective of young poets who are committed to making poetry more accessible. In only a years time, we’ve discovered that there is a lot to know. We are constantly evolving as we learn more about formatting and what materials are available. One thing will not change, we will continue to craft handmade chapbooks. We do runs of 100 chapbooks (except for anthologies). For additional information or possible submissions, please contact us at CwpCollective@Gmail.com.  




Mistral Celeste Khan-Becerra is the Editor-in-Chief, the “brain” of the operation, and has a skill set that Liam Neeson envies.

Jennifer Skelton is a Content Editor who keeps us honest. She is also our event coordinator. 

Nathanael William Stolte is the Acquisitions Editor, “face” of the group though his face has a lot of city miles on it.

Julio Montalvo Valentin is the Content Editor, the “reluctant-heart," and also folds your books at a careful snails’ pace.