As of april 1st, 2018 we are open for submissions

At CWP Collective Press we accept unsolicited chapbook manuscripts during our reading period from April to September. Submissions should be as a single attachment of a Word doc. Please include a cover page with your contact information and a short bio as well as a table of contents. Chapbook manuscripts should be 30 pages or less to keep with the tradition of the chapbook (to make a final product of no more than 35 pages). Please put Manuscript/Your Name in the subject field. 

Do Not Share a Google Drive with us or send anything on They are too tedious to convert.

If published, we will send the author 20 copies of their chapbook. Additional copies can be purchased, by the author, from CWP for $2.00 (plus shipping if applicable) in increments of 20 copies.


Send all submissions to

Please note that we value creative freedom in which your chapbook can best represent you. That includes your input for Cover Art. Because of that, we encourage to all who submit that they read recent publications from CWP Collective Press to familiarize themselves with the creative choices we've made thus far. We do not use photographs or color art. Our aesthetic is line drawings. 

We are also accepting submissions for Ground and Sky Quarterly.  The only requirement for consideration for G&S Quarterly is that the poem has been read at The Ground and Sky Buffalo Poetry Dialogue at Rust Belt Books in Buffalo, New York. We meet every first Thursday of the month, always at 7pm. We are also accepting cover art for G&S Quarterly. Once accepted, payment will be a contributor's copy upon its release. 

Thank you for considering CWP Collective Press and we look forward to hearing from you.